Klin dried natural wood.

Highly smooth bevelled float glass.

Eco friendly finishes.

Highly accurate two stroke quartz technology.

Quartz accuracy +/- 30 seconds per month.

Company Profile

Safal Clocks is a range of wall clocks designed for the modern times with state of the art design and lasting quality. It is a new venture from prime time industries having more than 25 years of successful experience in the horological industry .

Safal aims at changing the peoples view on how they look at clocks. From the metamorphism of having just a time showing machine to having a priced artistic piece is what Safal aims at.

Safal always offers exquisite designs with appealing textures and finishes. All the designs are unique and just merge with the home decor because of the range of vivid finishes and shades.

Safal has been successfully launched in Maharashtra and Gujarat as a test market and has received a phenomenal response for its innovativity.

It is already popular in the luxury segment.

Taking this successful saga further Safal aims to spread its wings further in different states throughout India.

Safal is currently looking for dealers/distributors who have the same zeal to establish Safal as the leading brand of luxury clocks.

About Us

At Safal the effort is always to create timepieces rather than clocks. And though many may question the difference, we insist.

Safal timepieces do not just tell time, they talk about your tastes, your ambitions, your personality, they talk about you.

We look forward to being the most desired brand in lifestyle products through undeviating up gradation in technology and creativity - through leadership, team education and enhancing facilities.

Safal is always focusing on creating a line of high-end products that move with high-quality, precision movements and incorporated stunning designs that were works of art all by themselves. By refocusing Safal Clocks, this once-floundering division is now recognized for its cutting-edge designs and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes.

The end result is a lifestyle-focused brand that delivers highly desirable timepieces for any style across the globe.